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Private University

International School of Management (ISM)

E.Ožeškienės 18, LT-44254 Kaunas
Rector: Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas
Phone: +370 37 30 24 02
Fax: +370 37 30 23 68
Number of employees 150
Number of researchers 18, among them the holders of PhD or higher research degree 12

The main fields of R&D activities:
Structural changes in the systems of economics, management, business and education in the context of globalisation
Assessment and development of needs and potential of a learning organization
The most successful directions of R&D activities:
Systematic research of the changes in organizations
Innovative entrepreneurship and strategic management
Creative leadership and management
The main R&D partners abroad:
BI Norwegian School of Management; Norwegian Regional Development Fund; Estoni­an Business School; Riga Business School (Latvia); Slovenia Bled Management School